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KREMNICA – a free royal mining town experienced a very rich and colorful community life. A lot of associations with the the cultural, social, philanthropic and sports activities flourished here in recent centuries. In 1925 the muncipal public library of Jan Kollar started its activities – the library transformed into a present Jan Kollar Library Kremnica.  

Jan Kollar Library Kremnica.

Ján Kollár (1793-1852) poet, philologist, archaeologist, ideologist of Slavic solidarity. 1806-1809 studied at the lower secondary school in Kremnica.

Jan Kollar Library is a universal public, cultural, information and educational institution, which provides library and information services, acts as bibliographical, methodological and educational center for local public libraries in the range of its territorial operation. It performs the function of a municipal library for Kremnica and of a regional library for the districts of Banská Štiavnica, Žarnovica and Žiar nad Hronom. 


1925 Municipal Public Library of Jan Kollar Kremnica  
1953 County People's Library Kremnica  
1960 Municipal People's Library Kremnica   
1964 County People's Library of Ziar nad Hronom - located in Kremnica   
1991 County Library Kremnica   
1994 County Library Jan Kollar Kremnica   
1996 Pohronské cultural center Ziar nad Hronom - Library Jan Kollar Kremnica   
1999 Jan Kollar Library Kremnica    


1994 Start of automation – Library and information system LIBRIS and BIBLIS - processing of library stock, input of data into the database of regional information  
1999 Processing of the entire library stock completed. Automated system iplemented in the unit of economic-technical activities.   
2000 All lending places covered with PC, completion of a local network, start of electronic lending service   
2002 Online catalog for users in the library.  
2006 Online catalog accessible via internet   
2007 CLAVIUS - a new library and information system implemented, 8 internet PCs made available to users within the project "Computerization of the libraries ...“, electronic protection of library stock in the department of literature for adults.  
2008 New modules of CLAVIUS of clients, InterLibraryLending, ISHARE - cataloging network), Union Catalog of regional libraries within the Banskobystricky Autonomous Region, electronic protection of library stock in the department of literature for children.  

 Organizational units 

•Unit of chief librarian 

•Unit of acquisition, processing and protection of library stock 

•Unit of library and information services 

                    -department of literature for adults  
                    -department of literature for children  
                    -department of information and bibliography 

•Unit of economic and technical activities 

The library operates in a town of 5 800 inhabitants. It provides a comprehensive library and information service for the public : 

Reading room  - ground floor  
Department for children - ground floor 
Department for Adult - 1th floor 

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9.00 - 18.00 
Department for Children: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 12.00 - 18.00 
Reading room: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 14.00 - 18.00 

Current price list of fees for services  

Library regulations of the Jan Kollar Library in Kremnica    (PDF) 

Jan Kollar Library

Štefánik sq. 33/40
967 01 Kremnica
e-mail: kniznica@kjkk.sk

tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 20
fax: +421-45-674 37 76
e-mail: kniznica@kjkk.sk

Department of methodology and automation 
tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 60
tel.: +421-45-674 37 76
fax: +421-45-674 37 76
Unit of acquisition and processing of library stock 
tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 70
fax: +421-45-674 37 76

Department of literature for adults
tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 10
fax: +421-45-674 37 76
Department of literature for children 
tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 50
fax: +421-45-674 37 76
Department of bibliography 
tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 30
fax: +421-45-674 37 76

Reading room 
tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 40
fax: +421-45-674 37 76

Unit of economic activities 
tel.: +421-45-674 20 63,
ext. 90
fax: +421-45-674 37 76
e-mail: petronela.pajerska@kjkk.sk